Why choose Contact Originators? Here’s our value-adding trilogy!

2022 is an enormous year for our team here at Contact Originators. It marks the 30th anniversary of our business, serving the origination needs of printers and their brand customers.

With thirty years of repro excellence under our belts, we are proud to stay at the leading edge of corrugated and flexible packaging reprographics – but what keeps Contact Originators customers coming back time and again?

For us, it’s simple – we have a winning combination of…

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we want to shine a light on what makes Contact Originators unique through the lens of our greatest asset – our team!

The People

A lot of businesses claim to have the best team around – but Contact Originators has the expertise and quality to back it up! At every part of the business, from production floor that creates the high-quality output the business is known for, to the senior leadership team guiding long term strategy and growth for the business, our team has plenty of experience.

We believe operational and interpersonal excellence is in our business culture – and we aim to demonstrate that in everything we do.

Operations Director, Nick Mitchell, has been part of the Contact Originators team for a total of 24 years. Starting as an apprentice runner in the commercial department, Nick has seen the business grow and flourish first-hand.

“The business has grown enormously and with an extremely talented team in place, we have also picked up a lot of awards on the way! Our people are absolutely instrumental to what we do and how effectively we do it, so our 30th anniversary year is a great opportunity to take a step back and acknowledge what a fantastic team we have.

“Contact has always been a very resilient business and there have been some major challenges on our path to thirty years – our major fire at Bredbury and subsequent recovery is one that springs to mind immediately. Our team is our ‘x-factor’, and as ever we look forward to nurturing the next generation of repro specialists.”

The Technology

At Contact Originators, we know the power of having the right technologies in the right place – and using it to drive a fantastic service for our customers.

In the packaging sector, nothing stays still for long! For thirty years, Contact Originators has been investing in print, colour management, automation and digitalisation technology that delivers more, be it in speed, quality, precision, sustainability – or a combination of all these qualities.

Neil Jones, Group Systems Manager, has been with Contact Originators for 16 years and is responsible for, among many different areas, Automation and Workflows. Neil has seen a lot of technical innovation across the reprographics sector in that time.

“The technology we have at our disposal today is a world away from where it was when I joined Contact in 2006. This has allowed us to automate labour-intensive manual tasks, freeing up highly skilled operatives, making us a more efficient business.

“Contact’s ongoing Investment in automated technology has meant that we can deploy skills more efficiently in the areas of the business where they are most effective. We are always learning and combining the best of tried-and-tested techniques with tomorrow’s print and repro tech.”

The Service

Of course, it takes more than top tier technology to stay ahead of the game. At Contact Originators, we proudly back up our customers with service that makes a difference.

Our aim is – and always has been – to make every interaction a pleasure, from the briefest enquiry to the largest long-term project. This approach is why our customers come back time and again, trusting our team to deliver on their packaging needs.

Kate Slomiany, Account Handler, is one of the key points of contact for customers. This means Kate has to pay close attention to the evolving needs of our print clients, while observing and anticipating wider market trends, so ensuring our partners are always leading in their own fields.

“The people and the experience that we have at Contact are world class, which makes every interaction an opportunity to impress. I think something that our customers really appreciate is that we’re constantly challenging ourselves to be better. We’re driven to learn and sharpen our skills, pushing the business forward. Of course, the packaging repro industry is ideal for those looking for continuous development – there’s always something new to learn.

We set extremely high standards for ourselves because we know that in the print industry, which takes speed, accuracy and value, nothing less than the best will do. Our customers expect great service every time, and it’s up to us to make sure that happens. Our industry shifts and changes quickly; our customers rely on us to stay one step ahead of trends and patterns.”

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