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Plate Technologies.

Contact Originators works with a range of plate materials suppliers optimising the performance of HQPP technology. Contact are regularly used as an industry Beta test site for next generation HQPP plates to test the latest ‘in the plate’ technologies and the latest plate manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Flint Group

Contact offers the full range of Nyloflex® range of photopolymer flexographic plates suitable for printing on film, foil, coated paper, corrugate and self-adhesive substrates. Nyloflex® printing plates provide the highest, most consistent quality: fine screens and vignettes and smooth solids on all commonly used substrates. Nyloflex significantly improves ink laydown, high solid ink densities and precise reproduction of the finest highlight details.

“We at Flint Group are proud to be the main supplier of flexo printing plates to Contact Originators. We’ve worked closely together for more than two decades on the evolving challenges and opportunities in the flexo market. Contact’s innovative and versatile approach makes them the perfect early test partner for our new plate, equipment and service developments. An example being Flint’s unique Flexo Expert program, which is designed to improve efficiency, quality and consistency in the Plate Department. Contact was the first of Flint’s global network of partners to achieve this status and has recently be reaccredited for the next two years. Contact shares Flint’s key principle of ‘Better, Faster and Easier to use’.”


MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of a full range of flexo packaging plate solutions including analog and digital sheet, as well as the award-winning LUX® platemaking process and LAVA™ thermal process.

“Contact Originator’s focus on innovation is clearly aligned with MacDermid’s philosophy. Their openness, honesty and understanding of development hurdles and timing were critical to our success in commercialising a recent new photopolymer sheet product. One of the key factors Contact Originators brought to the table was closeness to the printers, derived from Contact’s approach to their customers and development of strong relationships. Contact Originator’s commitment to innovation and their customers are obvious and that resonates with us. It a pleasure to work with them.”


DuPont Advanced Printing offers a broad portfolio of flexographic plates developed specifically for the corrugated market. So, whether you are looking for a corrugated plate designed for high quality post- print, or you need a flat top dot workflow solution that minimises fluting on even the most challenging types of corrugated boards, we have a product to meet your needs.

“When working with Contact Originators we know our plates are processed to a consistently high standard as they adhere to strict quality control procedures. Coupled with their high level of expertise, market knowledge, and creativity, Contact Originators continuously push the boundaries of our products and our company to obtain the optimum performance and highest quality of print possible for the customer. “This innovative and collaborative approach helps drive constant advancement in today’s challenging workplace to achieve results you never thought possible in this market sector.”


Contact Originators is proud to be one of the first beta testing companies for the innovative XPS Crystal, which optimally combines UV main and back exposure.

Unlike UV frames, using light bulbs with fluctuating output, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs which do not need warm-up time and always emit consistent radiation.

A simultaneous and optimally controlled UV main and back exposure produces highly consistent digital flexo plates – for every digital flexo plate type on every job.

The XPS Crystal exposing unit won the prestigious FTA award, 2017 Intertech Technology Award and the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

“Contact Originators is a valued R&D partner working to validate and drive our latest Flexo technologies.”

Latest Investments at Contact Originators

Leading edge mounting equipment

Leading edge mounting equipment

Contact Originators has recently invested in 2 x AV 3000 Flatmounts with Image Recognition Software; a new standard has now been set in the Corrugated sector with this move.

Image recognition software for improved quality control gives the Contact team the ability to provide a Certificate of Conformance on every plate.

With mounting accuracy of 100 micron (previously 250 micron), Contact Originators now exceeds the current tolerances within the post print market and has the potential to improve set up times on tight fitting jobs and give the press the best opportunity to work to tolerance.

A world first… award winning Magnaforma Technology

A world first… award winning Magnaforma Technology

The newly branded MagnaForma™ technology can today be produced on any plate type. Contact Originators works with a number of suppliers including Flint Group, MacDermid Graphics Solutions and DuPont and is in the process of conducting further analysis to identify the plate technology with the highest stability for optimum long run print performance. The new MagnaForma solution retains a 0.2mm register across the print and the butt join, even when used on solid colours, cannot be identified due to the company’s investment in specialist mounting kit and software.

Kongsberg XN22

Kongsberg XN22 with ESKO DFS Auto Plate Merge & Device Manager

Contact Originators has invested in cutting edge hardware and software integrated into digital workflows to set new standards in mounting for Post Print applications.

Automated Plate Merging significantly speeds up the process, drives efficiencies and eliminates the risk of human error. With accurate automated plate cutting, the Kongsberg investment improves accuracy as well as helping to reduce waste, all delivered in minutes.