The fundamentals of corrugated packaging prepress

With packaging quality, there’s no room for compromise. From the time packaging materials are printed to the time a finished product arrives at the consumer, the packaging must appear on-brand and pristine.

It can be a tall order for printers, with so many moving parts throughout the supply chain – so how can corrugated packaging printers get more confidence in their print performance, and ensure jobs always get off to a flying start?

The answer is through a dedicated corrugated packaging prepress partner. The truth is that truly ‘wow’ print begins long before the first press has been fired up.

At Contact Originators, we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in packaging prepress, providing products and services that bring colour to life, enhance consistency, and deliver unparalleled quality.


What is corrugated packaging reprographics?

Reprographics, or reprography, is a set of prepress processes, and a vital part of creating eye-catching printed packaging. In short, effective repro brings packaging designs to life.

It encompasses design creation, artwork processes, and colour management. As the first consumer touchpoint, packaging is a powerful tool to communicate and win sales, making thorough prepress operations indispensable.

When brands and their design partners develop packaging artwork, it’s done through CAD systems and renderings. However, the design then needs to be translated from the digital artwork file into a real-world print that looks just as impactful.

Colour values between digital designs and print presses are not identical, so print sequence separation takes skill and knowledge of how given inks behave on different substrates and in different print methods. Repro support includes knowing how to compensate in print to deliver colour and graphics that are razor-precise and faithful to the design.

A repro partner like Contact Originators excels in helping printers translate a good on-screen design into a finished product that commands attention on busy store shelves.

There are many different components to this process, including ink selection and management, testing and proofing, and equipment support. The key for corrugated packaging converters is to find a partner that takes the strain away by supporting projects from concept to completion, like our expert team at Contact.


Why choose Contact for your packaging prepress support?

At Contact Originators, we know that having the latest equipment, tools and software isn’t enough – it’s about our team. Our business is comprised of specialists supporting in all areas of graphics, printing and packaging.

Our team brings a seamless blend of experience and innovation, and our product and service ranges are designed to provide everything a corrugated packaging printer needs to succeed.


A connected approach to printing technology

In a sector where change is the only constant, we have consistently invested in state-of-the-art technology for print, colour management, automation, and digitalisation.

Our team provides comprehensive artwork origination and graphics management, in combination with the latest industry software. This means we can not only enhance and clean designs, but take any studio file through conversion to a production-ready format.

With expert knowledge of inks and coatings, we use the latest gold standard technologies from Esko and GMG Color to optimise the use of inks and drive down waste, all while creating high-fidelity print-ready corrugated packaging designs.

Contact also supports its customers through the supply of high performance flexographic and large format plates, further adding quality and variety to the services we offer. What’s more, we invest heavily in the latest technology at our supersite production facility, which includes boundary-breaking plate imaging and exposure technologies, screening platforms and plate workflow solutions.


Can packaging prepress excellence help with cost control?

Waste is one of the biggest money-sinks for today’s corrugated packaging converters.

Partnering with a skilled reprographics house, such as our team at Contact Originators, serves as a design safety net and technical powerhouse. By catching and eliminating potential errors in artwork before production, our customers can avoid unnecessary costs, errors, and print reruns.

What’s more, at Contact we invest in automation technologies that keep workflows moving, minimise lead times and ensure keen attention to detail. What we do, and how we do it, reduces the pressure on our customers’ in-house teams, letting them focus more time and attention on other value-adding tasks.

Done right, prepress is the key to faster, more accurate and more confident corrugated packaging printing. Ready to take your operations to the next level? Discover how our team can help to deliver outstanding results – get in touch now.



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