Empowering staff is great for business!

Being a valuable member of the team pays dividends for everyone, and at Contact Originators we know the value that each team member brings to our business.

So we are proud to report that Kate Slomiany, a Contact Account Handler, who has been with the company since April 2019, has just completed a 6-month intense training programme on high quality post print (HQPP) within our business.

Within the prepress process, we work with a range of plate material suppliers optimising the performance of HQPP technology. We also regularly use a beta test site for next-generation HQPP plates to test the latest ‘in the plate’ technologies and the most innovative plate manufacturing equipment and techniques. It is therefore critical that our staff are trained and up to speed regarding HQPP technology performance and options.

The training expanded Kate’s knowledge of the print, pre-press and flexo plate making industry we work in.

Gaining a better understanding of the different print processes, artwork origination, reprographics and colour management, Kate was taught the full process in great detail. The training also taught her how to deal with our corrugated customers’ expectations regarding the end result, along with improving communication and problem-solving skills.

“I had the opportunity of following the full process in great detail, starting with a print review request for a brand-new design, which is often followed up with design meetings with the printer and end customer to review the printed sample,” Kate explained. “I was also presented with ways of coordinating several projects simultaneously and as a result, when it comes to processing the most complex high-quality designs, I now have the confidence to handle these projects.” The training Kate received during the 6-month time frame, was delivered in conjunction with the FIA UK Academy training programme. Kate will continue to develop and increase her skills and knowledge for many years to come, which bodes well when Kate is already an extremely valued and conscientious employee of Team Contact! Well done Kate!

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