Contact Originators Secures Gold for MagnaForma™ Plate Innovation

Innovative packaging origination and flexo platemaking company, Contact Originators, has secured a Gold Award for Technical Innovation at the recent European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) Awards.

The awards event is a recognition programme led by the flexographic printing industry trade association to identify ‘the best of the best in flexo’. The Technical Innovation category is always hard fought and is designed to identify breakthrough innovation, which the sector thrives on.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO of Contact Originators Group, commented: “Contact Originators has a fundamental belief that leaders never follow. We are totally innovation focussed, delivering breakthrough achievements for our clients on a continuous basis and our MagnaForma launch was a major success for the business. We were delighted to receive Gold, reflecting the commitment our team has made to delivering innovation for our corrugate customers.”

Contact Originators claimed a world first for its design and manufacture of the 2.8M wide mounted multi-piece photopolymer flexographic plate, branded MagnaForma, earlier this year.

The key achievement of the development is that the plate is dimensionally accurate to 100 microns across the 2.8M width, enabling corrugate printers to maximise print yields utilising the full width of the press.

Nick Mitchell, General Manager at Contact Originators, said: “The judges clearly recognised the key step forward we’ve taken for the corrugate industry. We know that corrugate printers have, until today, been unable to utilise the full width of their presses, being constrained at 1.92M in reality, when running multi colour tight register designs.

“MagnaForma delivered a 48{98d66c15776a5cf5e9faa401a5fac32d09480fe74d9e1592828a82742f5d33f4} yield improvement for a major client, saved them 45 minutes per print run unlocking capacity and retained a steady 0.2mm register across the print. The butt join is also not seen on solid colours due to the investment we’ve made in specialist mounting kit and software.

“We have truly now pushed past the normal capability of corrugated flexo plate production and obviously we’re delighted with the recognition of our work from EFIA.”

To find out more about MagnaForma flexographic plate technology please contact Contact Originators on Tel: +44 161 406 6900

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