Understanding MagnaForma™


Being a leader in the corrugated print origination market brings a lot of important responsibilities – our customers rely on us to bring innovations that drive success. In a high-volume printing market, this means balancing speed, volume and precision with sustainability.

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is waste. This can come in many forms for printers, such as in wasted time, energy, materials and resources, but importantly, each one comes with unwelcome costs. With inflation increasing costs across the board and putting pressure on margins, reducing waste is one way that printers can take control.

It’s clear that the combination of rising costs and demand for sustainability will put reduction of waste in operations at the top of the printer’s agenda.

A great example of innovation making a difference is MagnaForma, a world-first corrugated flexographic plate technology developed by Contact Originators.

Despite advancing press technology, it’s difficult for printers to utilise the full width of their presses when running standard plates for multi-colour tight register designs. MagnaForma technology makes plate size constraints a thing of the past; printers can now access a much larger flexo plate, up to 2.8m in width, and dimensionally accurate across multiple colours to 100 microns.

Further impressing, MagnaForma retains a 0.2mm register across the print and butt join, even on solid colours. Perfect for long runs, the technology gives corrugated printers more capacity and more volume with every pass.

Created through investment in hardware and software, beta testing with a UK-based corrugated converter showed an impressive 48% improvement in yield. In a market that demands volume and speed, this is an incredible advantage for wide web printers.

MagnaForma technology is an ideal fit for corrugated printers and their brands that need to print extremely high quality, quickly and with minimal waste. A trial with a large beverage brand found that where typical run lengths were around 20,000 boxes, the technology provided enormous advantages in time saving and increased yield.

At Contact Originators, we are proud to support our customers in boosting print quality while reducing the impact of waste. For our experienced team, packaging prepress is all about setting the right conditions for success creating accuracy, precision and ‘right first time’ print – without compromise.

To provide the most productive process, prepress workflow, colour management and plate production all combine to offer a surprisingly diverse range of environmental benefits.

At Contact Originators, we’re committed to ensuring that today, tomorrow and beyond, our customers and partners can rest safe in the knowledge that our business is responsible, accountable, and puts wider ecological impacts high on the agenda.

MagnaForma is one example of how Contact Originators is optimising resources for a more sustainable world. Ultimately, the company is one that understands the importance of strategic and meaningful sustainability commitments and brings that same focus to its corrugated packaging customers.

The Contact team can assess your current work mix and work with you to identify key jobs that would benefit from Magnaforma. The technology can be shipped worldwide so wherever you are located, Contact can help make a difference to your printing operations.

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