Contact Originators makes industry breakthrough with extended gamut process printing for corrugate

Contact Originators has achieved another industry first by successfully delivering extended gamut process print (EGPP) capability for corrugated flexographic printing at its key client, Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac in Markham Vale.

Working collaboratively with a number of suppliers alongside Contact Originators, Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac provided its Gopfert Evolution 7 colour press with high specification anilox configuration. This enabled a unique six colour plus varnish EGPP ink set and a fit of 0.25mm across all seven units to be achieved. The development won a silver award for Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac in the Technical Innovation category at this year’s EFIA awards, held in March.

Utilising the latest ITP plate technology from Dupont and high definition screenings, coupled with Esko Crystal XPS exposure system, Contact Originators pushed the boundaries on dot reproduction.

To create an accurate 6-colour press profile, Contact used HYBRID Software’s Packz linking to GMG’s Open colour profiling and proofing system. To realise the Gopfert Evolution’s 0.25mm tolerance, Contact used its AV FlexoLogic HD image recognition mounters to guarantee the fit to 100 micron colour-to-colour on plate mounting.

Paul Bates, HYBRID Software Sales Manager UK, said: “Contact Originators has taken the best technology, that wasn’t actually intended for the corrugate flexo market, and worked with a strong group of suppliers, including ourselves, to fine-tune the process to make it work for the demands of corrugate printing.

“By developing EGPP for corrugated, Contact Originators are leading the industry, showing the trade how to reduce costs for all corrugated print. It’s a true breakthrough!”

Mark Hawkins, General Manager, Smurfit Kappa Inspirepac Market Vale, commented: “The EGPP solution will reduce the number of wash ups on press hence increasing press production time, as well as create savings on plates and ink costs. Of course, there are additional environmental benefits too in reducing the number of unnecessary solvents in the wash up process and less deliveries for individual spot colour inks.”

Steve Mulcahy, Contact Originators CEO, added: “We’re thrilled with the result achieved and grateful for the support provided by all the partners involved. We believe this step forward isa reflection of our inordinate dedication to innovation and teamwork at Contact Originators.”

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