Benefits of FlexoExpert Status

Achieving quality and consistency in prepress takes accurate and professional work, constant learning and development and fully optimised processes. This is why in 2016 leading packaging origination and flexo platemaking company, Contact Originators, undertook Flint Group’s FlexoExpert scheme, becoming the world’s first certified FlexoExpert company.

To become certified, organisations must undertake a rigorous three-step programme of assessment and improvement, followed by a final audit by Flint Group’s print experts.

Phase one of the programme involves an evaluation of the platemaking processes by Flint Group, as well as the functionality of the processing equipment. Employees are also trained and a comprehensive status report and action plan is created ready for phase two. The action plan is then implemented, with a Flint Group expert on hand to help, and the results are thoroughly documented ready for the final audit. Phase two lasts six months, then comes the third and final phase – the audit. An expert from Flint Group assesses every aspect of the platemaking process against the FlexoExpert core checklist. To be certified, FlexoExpert accredited companies must achieve 90% or more of the targeted goal.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO of Contact Originators, discusses some of the benefits Contact Originators has experienced since gaining FlexoExpert Status.

“Undertaking the FlexoExpert Certification Programme has helped us to further optimise our workflow and ensure we deliver reliable and consistent plates every single time.  As the process and final audit are so comprehensive, FlexoExpert status not only signifies excellence in the platemaking process but in all areas of the business including equipment quality and employee training.

“It was particularly important for us to optimise our processes and to do this we fine-tuned our equipment and production parameters, all within the unique controlled, documented measurement programme Flint Group offers. Achieving FlexoExpert status has created increased efficiency and minimised errors by helping us to create a fully standardised process that ensures consistent and reliable quality.

“The certification also acts as a visible demonstration to our customers, both current and potential, that we are committed to implementing best practice in our platemaking process and that they can rely on Contact Originators to consistently deliver the high-quality plates they require. “

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